Saturday, April 28, 2012

Compendium of Curiosities 2, Challenge 3

OK so first and MOST important....THANK YOU everyone for all the kind words. I still stand by everything I said in my first post, LINDA THANK YOU!!

So here is my first CC2C post on my own...I am so humbled.
Something you will notice about me when you start seeing my art is when I find something I love to do, I will do it ALOT.  My Bestest Friend Tara (who unfortunately does not live near me) kept telling me to try my hand on a canvas.  Well I did and the rest is history...I LOVE THEM!!  They are so simple to do and soooo much fun!!

With that little piece of background here is my CC2C challenge 3.

And here is a close up of the flower

How I created my canvas is as follows
1.  I covered my canvas with Tim Holtz Tissue Wrap-Terminology
2.  I used by Glue and Seal to apply my tissue wrap and cover the top of the tissue wrap to seal it. 
3.  I then used Claudine Hellmuth Studio paint (painterly pink and purple palette) to change the color of my canvas. Followed by Claudine's multi-medium Gloss to seal it and give the canvas some shine.
4.  I then used my StazOn (jet black) with my Prima stamp.
5.  I used Tim Holtz's A Compendium of Curiosities Volume 2 page 46 technique to create my flower petals.  I created the flower using Tim Holtz's Tattered Flower Garland Alterations die.  My own little flair is I had to add some Perfect Pearls Mist (perfect pearl) to my petals. 
6.  I used one of Tim Holtz's corked vials and added some glass beads to the bottle with some Aqua Alcohol Ink for color.
7.  I used a Wendy Vecchi art part flower steam and attached my flower to it. 
8.  I added some yellow modeling paste using a stencil.
9.  I finally attached my corked vial to my canvas using wire.

Thank you to Linda at Studio L3 and eclectic Paperie for sponsoring.

 If you would like to participate in the CC2C go to Linda's blog at

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Thanks for visiting and have a Creative Day!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

My First Post

My First Post
OK so here it goes...My first blog post.  First and MOST important THANK YOU all for such wonderful comments.  I see the wonderful things that people like Tim Holtz, Wendy Vecchi, and of course Linda Ledbetter do and that is who I think of as TRUE artists.  I have never considered myself an "artist" because of a lack of self confidence and a lack of understanding the meaning of the word "artist".  I was fortunate enough to go on a cruise with Tim Holtz last year, that is where I met Linda. 

For those of you who have not had the awesome pleasure of meeting her in person, she is genuinely kind, sweet, and humble.  I am not sure their is a mean bone in her body.  She has created a forum on her blog for EVERYONE to share their art. I have learned over the past couple of weeks that being an "artists" is not always about having your name published in magazines, or how many design teams your on, or even if other people like your projects.  Being an "artist" is about how you feel when you are creating, how you like your projects, and maybe just maybe inspiring someone else to come out of their shell and become an "artists".

So, even though I may not have the best writing skills or the best projects, I have been inspired by Linda and all of your kind words to give the blog thing a try.  I know not everyone will think my projects or my blog or my post are the greatest but that is fine because as the old saying goes "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and "art" is beauty to someone.

I just wanted to say thank you to Linda for creating a safe environment for all of us to create and share art!!  Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful creative day!!